Spider-Man’s Bad Trip to the 5th Dimension

By the time the third season of the 1967 SPIDER-MAN animated show came around things had begun to get a little weird. Producer Ralph Bakshi used recycled footage from his 1966 show ROCKET ROBIN HOOD for the basis of Spidey’s trippiest episode, REVOLT IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION. It all starts with Spidey staring at the night sky, wondering about stars and such. Through a series of psychedelic swirls of stars and planets we come to a planet called Gorth.


Two green guys are trying to hide their library of knowledge from Infitata, a cosmic villain who lives in “Dementia 5”. Here he is now in one of his two poses.


So they plan to launch the library to safety in a rocket. Infitata sends his “psycho army” after the ship but it does make it to Spider-Man and is revealed to be very tiny. The pilot uses telepathy to explain everything and then dies.


Spidey learns Dementia 5 is “nowhere and everywhere” and is “the creation of Infitata, the master intelligence who controls by the power of evil with thought alone”. Spidey has no clue and goes about his way until he is carried away to the Dementia 5. Dementia 5 is from the original cartoon, while Fifth Dimension is from the Spider-Man version. But they are interchangeable, well as far as I am concerned anyway.


After freaking out for a bit and traveling the “stairway of mystery”, Spidey tries to escape.


When he calms down, Spidey realizes it’s all an illusion. But that’s after Infitata shows him his trippy hand throne and new pose.


He closes his eyes and wishes himself home, where he intends to turn over the library to the Feds. The visuals are fairly surreal and the acid jazz/rock helps make it Spidey’s weirdest animated drug influenced episode.




  1. Wow…It’s funny that you brought this up..I’m buying my Spidey cartoon box set today! A used copy came in to our video store and it will be mine for a mere 20 bucks!

    It’s a shame Spidey’s costume doesn’t have spider pockets…but the ring is a very handsome touch. Personally, I would go with silver over gold to compliment the red and blue ensemble…but it was the 60s.

  2. I think his name is INFERNAUTA and not Infitata

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