LOST-There’s No Place Like Home

I was asleep when I watched this episode but I got the gist of it. The OCEANIC SIX will most likely be the name of some shitty Austin band any day now. But in the meantime listen to the sad sweeping score as the Six get off the plane, they’ve been through so much. JACK’S martyrdom continues as he heroically bleeds and walks with his look on his face. His only look.


” Why are you watching that stupid island show?”

I don’t know about you but I just don’t see enough commercials during LOST. I wonder how they make their money? So they have a stupid press conference where we get the fake story about a fishing boat or some such shit. I would’ve them if there were any giant gorillas on the island. Why would they let a chick with a murder warrant be at a press conference? 


You had your chance. Fag”

Cheech looks orange. God, why do they make HURLEY run? Oh yeah, I remember what was real fucking stupid, KATE’S tracking abilities. So they start making trips to the freighter but first they separate the nameless characters who don’t have flashbacks from the others. Or they should’ve. Why are they still there? Man they sure got gipped in the OCEANIC SIX deal.

vlcsnap-13037951 ” If we’re not gonna fuck I’m gonna make some nachos.”

Not much happened really. I kept thinking some violence would erupt or something. It was like waiting for Godzilla to get to Tokyo, but he never gets there. Oh, BATMANUEL and the OTHERS showed up, more than a little late. Still no mention of the ENTIRE other island. And five miles back and forth is a long way in a rubber raft. Big two hour season finale in two weeks, but in the meantime check out Jesus Franco’s EUGENIE DE SADE


” good nachos”

It stars the late Soledad Miranda and is available from Blue Underground, which is a great DVD company.



  1. I’ve been letting the past few episodes of LOST stack up in my dvr so I can watch them in one chunk…Everyone is telling me that this is THE BEST SEASON EVER and can’t believe I’m wasting my time watching season 4 of 90210 (Which is one of the greatest shows ever made). The shows are quite similar if you stop and think about it….hmmmm, I might just have a new blog idea.

    Anyway, I thank you for your unbiased and honest take on this so called BEST SEASON EVER.

  2. BEST SEASON EVER. Huh. I don’t know dude.It was pretty promising the first season than it got hopelessly muddled up in it’s own crap. I like it but I’m not gonna be saying it’s cohesive, logical or consistent. I’m I insane or are they just refusing to mention the other island? Why doesn’t anyone ever ask a relevant follow up question? I would think it would make even less sense in a chunk of viewing. There’s been so much stuff they just dropped. Like the sharks with the Dharma brand on them. Polar Bears. That whole zoo complex where they held Kate and Sawyer. What was the point of the tail section people plot detour? I just don’t know dude. I’m looking forward to THE INVADERS on dvd. Evere heard of that? Larry Cohen worked on it.

  3. Yeah, the first season has been my favorite…kind of like one long Twilight Zone episode…then…well, then we can chop up the following seasons and make a proper 2nd and 3rd. Never heard of THE INVADERS, but I googled it..and it looks pretty cool.

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