70’s Forgotten TV Horror


Well, sorta forgotten anyway. I’ve seen this particular show, “The World Beyond”, pop up several times on those sites where people try to remember movies or shows from their childhood that freaked them out. This one is usually remembered as “the one with the mud monster”. Apparently there were two episodes filmed but this is the only one I ever saw aired.  The plot has a writer that had a near death experience who then goes on to help people with problems  such as mud monsters or some other kind of bad mogambo. In this case a guy on an isolated island has used black magic to create a mud golem that goes batshit. 


What I didn’t realize then is how much this episode borrows from THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. There’s the hollowed out mound where the golem was made, a severed hand, a fight with a dog, the scene where someone opens a door just as the thing is on the other side. and right down to the trap the golem is lead into to be destroyed.


Perhaps the coolest thing about the tape I have is the commercials and previews from 1978 such as this one for “Maude”.msrd



  1. Tell me that’s not a scan of some old TV Guide you had laying around next to those Leg Show mags in the Garage.

  2. no, that’s from the actual tape.

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