Fractured Fairy Tales: Inside

In the mood for something relentless, brutal, yet somehow French? Then check out INSIDE. Holy Cats, is this fucking thing a bloody nightmare. It definitely comes across as a blood soaked fairy tale.  And it’s French!

It’s a simple story: a pregnant woman and the crazy woman in black who wants to cut out her baby.


It was pulled from Wal-mart, so that’s good. I think these French guys are doing the HELLRAISER remake.



This one’s bound to offend somebody.


  1. Who’s the cutie with the gap in her teeth?

    Hubba-hub- aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh what happenened to that dude’s face?! Christ on a bike! This movie hates faces!!!

  2. That’s scary ass and nuts in real life Beatrice Dalle. There were actually more mangled face shots of different people I didn’t post. That movie hates everything.

  3. […] I first heard about this one from the Gorillanaut blog back in July of […]

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