Paul Snider’s SEX BENCH-The Real Star 80

About three or four years ago I did a post on STAR 80. Originally it started as a post about horror movies that aren’t technically horror movies, which STAR 80 seemed to fit due to it’s various themes and horrible shit that happens, especially the corpse rape of Dorothy Stratten and the fact that Bogdonovich is also a creepy motherfucker. For that matter so is Hefner(get over it, he’s creepy) and obviously Snider. But anyway, I saw it as a fractured fairy tale type story initially than I realized it was really about Paul Snider’s sex bench for the most part, It’s similar to the way Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT is about lamps. But mostly I wanted to be the number one google source for the term “Paul Snider’s sex bench”. I deleted the post for some reason but wanted to mention “Paul Snider’s sex bench” so I’m presenting an new version. And also I wanted to mention that sometime  reader E. Fouquet was a neighbor of Snider and loaned him his Black & Decker reversible drill to construct the famous “Paul Snider Sex Bench”. He claimed to need it for a spice rack, says Fouquet.

















Paul Snider’s sex bench-the real Star 80.


  1. You know, The Paul Snider Sex Bench has become the focal point of our bedroom. Especially since we sprung for the Personalized Paul Snider Sex Bench! It includes a cold cast bronze plaque engraved with our specific personalization.

    When selecting the Personalized Paul Snider Sex Bench you can select verse as well as indicate names and dates! Seriously, up to 18 letters or characters per line, 3 line maximum. Sorry my foreign friends, they don’t do accent marks.

    Here’s what ours says:

    “Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.”

    Nice, huh?

  2. G’naut is 3rd on the list when you type in Paul Snider Sex Bench. Better step up your game to make the #1 spot!

  3. Yeah, but that doesn’t count the new blog. Did I mention that he had anal sex sex with her corpse while strapped into the world famous Paul Snider Sex Bench?

  4. More than once.

    I mean, what else would Paul Snider do with Dorothy Stratton’s corpse? It was strapped to the Paul Snider Sex Bench for Christ’s sake?! What would Bogdonovich do? Nothing, Know why? Because it’s a Paul Snider Sex Bench, not a Peter Bogdonovich Sex Bench!

    Bogdonovich Sex Bench…that doesn’t even sound sexy. Too many syllables….and not enough mustache.

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  6. You should change the name of this post to Paul Snider’s Sex Bench: The Real Star 80…that should help with your goal of “number one google source” for the bench.

  7. i’m going to mention paul snider’s sex bench to everyone i see for the next 10 days.
    it’s goin’ viral.

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