BEACH TERROR! chicks in bikinis,monsters and Sand

Who doesn’t love the beach except my brother and those kids that can’t go outside? So here’s a list of beach  monster flicks that aren’t JAWS.

1. GREAT WHITE. It’s got Morrow, Franciscus and a great fake shark. Universal still won’t let it be released but who cares? It’s out there.  

2.JAWS 2-4

2 is the best since it has Scheider. JAWS 3 is THE REVENGE OF THE CREATURE mixed with GORGO and served over a steamy bowl of Lou Gossett Jr. JAWS THE REVENGE is a hellava thing, it’s pretty odd on many levels. Why make Grandma Brody the hero?How does she flashback to stuff she wasn’t present for? Whose revenge is it? It should’ve starred Klaus Kinski as the old lady and been directed by Werner Herzog. 


                                                 “I’m tired and my wig itches”

                                               ” I’ll be back in a flashback later”












Awesome cast. Bradford Dillman, the girl from the “Logan’s Run ” TV show, Keenyn Wynn, Barbara Steele, Kevin McCarthy and that guy that played Mel Cooley. Great Joe Dante flick.







just great. Morrow again, Doug fucking McClure and some really cool manphibian raping salamanders. 




Great title. Denmark’s greatest monster movie. Giant Serpent spits green goo.





Saxon, Burt Young and weird ant lion/sea cucumber monster. I haven’t see it on dvd for some reason.  I like that the monster is different just wish there was more of it. Great trailer too.




Eddie Deezen plays Menlo Scwartz, a nerd who turns kids into garbage eating zombies by drinking Buzz Cola.

Lyle Wagoner, Eric Stolz, Ron Pallillo, That tall guy from C.P.O. Sharkey. 

8. The Bermuda Depths

Connie (hot) Selleca plays a ghost with a connection to a giant sea turtle in the Bermuda Triangle. Carl Weathers plays a guy obsessed with the turtle along with Burl Ives! A TV movie! From Rankin Bass! It’s strangely compelling.


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