Wow, it’s day 9 in the devastatingly unpopular non-Bratz, non-Paul Snider Sex Bench related series of suggested horror films for October.  This time is BURN WITCH, BURN which is based on the excellent novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber. It’s all about what witches the wives of college professors can be at some snotty Ivy League school as they plot their husbands careers by using the Dark Arts. Another flick that seems like a great remake possibility. It’s got two great female roles and another role for Ralph Fiennes. Very creepy and full of cool, subtle black magic.


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  1. Maybe you could round out the month with that Paul Snider Sex Bench Fan Fiction you mentioned…and in each daily chapter you could slip in the title of a horror film suggestion? Oh, and you could used words like prepubescent, gaping asshole, hairy teenage girl (trust me on that one), and free money click here in your prose and tags.

    Maybe that will jazz up your awesome selections? Good luck!

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