Hey, is this thing on? Check, pop, check…sibilance…anyways



more Italian Barbara Steele dual role ghost spookiness with an Ennio Morricone score




  1. I know how you feel, man. The only action I’ve been getting is for my old porn related posts…speaking of, remember Mila? I posted a clip of that pig on Bride. God, she’s the worst.

  2. I’m doing a bunch of different sex films on gnaut. I did FEMMES DE SADE but Rib needs to post it. I got WATERPOWER coming up. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that one but it’s golden age porn , very sick. It’s all part of November sweeps. All people care about is porn and that asshole Obama. Yeah, Mila is gross. I don’t watch that stuff. I saw a new Andrew Blake flick that was okay, an odd fetish thing with peeing. Pretty good for new porn.

  3. Good ol internet…I loved me some Blake back in the day…classy looking broads, nice sets…real expensive looking porn. Mila came up in conversation yesterday and I remembered how much I hated her, so I posted a clip as a joke for one of my work buddies.

    November sweeps…you sir, are a genius!

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