This is the best flick on the list! THE WACKY WORLD OF DR. MORGUS

One of the first horror host from the original Shock Theater syndication package, MORGUS THE MAGNIFICENT in his own feature film! From 1962, the very peak of the Monster craze comes this New Orleans made oddity. The very best of regional film making as it’s goofy, weird and totally unique.  


Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus invents an instant people machine that draws the attention of some spies from Microvania. It’s got his sorta faithful sidekick Chopsley, his comatose wife Zelda, a cool hearse, a monkey, and the Queen of ChaCha herself, Chris Owens!

It’s practically impossible to find any footage of the original group of horror hosts and this movie is a nice look back at that freaky time when old monster movies were everywhere on the tube and kids built monster models, read monster comics and FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND


.999 silver 1968 Morgus Mardi Gras doubloon















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  1. nice doubloon.. someone needs a better camera though..

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