GHOSTWATCHWidely known in the U.K., the legendary fake dockumentary that scared the shit out of a lot of people in 1992 is not so well known in the States. It was way ahead of its time and is still very cool. Way before BLAIR WITCH and the recent onslaught of fake ghost shows, it was the fake ghost show that made its mark. Done as a fake live broadcast, it examines poltergeist activity in a house that centers around a bizarro spirit nicknamed “Pipes”. It’s really quite cool and a lot of the fun is seeing the quick glimpses of “Pipes” as the show goes on. It’s available as an import and is really something you should see. So watch it here. I suppose it’s as close as anyone has come to duplicating the insanity of the famous Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” broadcast, what with people going batshit from seeing it.