Girl Victims Are the best Victims

I had the Monster Scene models when I was a kid and when Moebius Models reissued them I had to get a few. Back in 1971 or so, Parent and women’s groups complained about the models of the Victim and Vampirella being all wrong for kids. You know how these people are…bitch, moan, complain. It’s not like it was a model of a broad making a guy a ham sandwich while wearing fuck me pumps and a smile. Lighten up for fucks sake. Besides, look where it got you. Nowhere. Here’s my impressionable son with the Victim kit




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  1. As far as I’m concerned, playing the Victim is the primary function of women in horror. I find there is little room for feminine bravado, and very few have pulled it off successfully (FRONTIERS comes to mind). It so often ruins the mood of a sinister atmosphere to see a whimpering woman at the end of sanity’s rope suddenly come alive with a shotgun and a rush of action-oriented self-preservation. Either start out as a badass, or run for your life. And if you do choose the former, and you possess ZERO fighting skills? Run faster.

    Gimme a little bit of screaming, a lot of fear, and a hearty helping of flesh through tattered fabric.
    After all, it’s only make believe…

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