MONSTER BABIES & David Caruso in short pants!

MOONBOY aka Mr.Canacorn of Awesomeness For Awesome’s Sake gets ready for fatherhood and childbirth by watching Larry Cohen’s cautionary trilogy IT’S ALIVE, IT LIVES AGAIN and ISLAND OF THE ALIVE





BWANA braves the tiny shorts of TV’s David Caruso and flying sucker monsters as well as that tall dead guy in WITHOUT WARNING




  1. Gay dads…nice.

  2. First, I’m surprised you clicked on the link. Nobody ever does unless it’s porn which I put in from time to time when it doesn’t apply as a joke that sadly only I ever see.(unless it’s a LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT link which I always make into LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT by Priest.

    Second, couldn’t find

  3. I have the same problems with links at Awesomeness…especially since I disabled the function where you roll over the link and it pops up in a tiny window…which you have, so maybe they’re seeing the joke but just not clicking through?

    Maybe I should start a kindagaydad site?

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