As at least one of you knows, Gorillanaut has a youtube channel with clips and trailers from a whole bunch of flicks( One of our most popular videos was the theme song from the 70’s porno HOT  ‘N’ SAUCY PIZZA GIRLS. It was just the song and the first couple of non-sex minutes, nothing spectacular but amusing. So yesterday I get an email from head honcho Brennon Jones. Here’s the email:

VCX Pizza Girls
hey chuck voodoo,       

Listen, that Pizza Girls video with John Holmes you have up, we own it. Take it down immediately or we’ll have your acct. deleted.

This is not a joke. Please take it down immediately.


So I consulted our lawyer who said:

Based on my reading of bullets 7 and 8, he can’t do anything but complain to youtube, at which point they can decide to remove it.

But then again, we’ve all heard that saying around Hollywood, “don’t fuck with Brennon Jones”

He NEVER jokes.  Never.


So I pulled the video. But here’s a review of VCX’s ULTRA FLESH


MAGGIE TRUDEAU ( she’s mentioned in the Ultra Flesh review but I didn’t think anyone would remember her)