Man I love John Agar creature features and THE HAND OF DEATH is one of my favorites. Agar plays a scientist working on a revolutionary nerve gas who has an accident transforming him into a hideous monster whose touch is death. It’s like a really cool pre-superhero Marvel Comic and Agar transformed even looks like the Fantastic Four’s The Thing. He even throws on a hat and trenchcoat as a disguise like Ben Grimm used to. It’s only about an hour long and until recently was thought to be lost. Butch Patrick and Joe Besser have bit parts. Even the score is cool with its weird blend of theremin and bongos. If you like comics like TALES OF SUSPENSE you’ll love HAND OF DEATH.  I glanced at the imdb comments where apparently a lot of people missed the point or are your basic film snobs so don’t listen to them, listen to me because I care about you people.




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  1. Thanks for the tip! Gonna check this out.

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