Watchmen capsule review



I liked it.  The ending in the comic and the film are both weak but I would’ve much rather seen the comic ending with the monster. I’m not sure why they were so meticulous about detail and obviously concerned about alienating the core audience on the one hand yet decided to scrap the original ending. The violence was fun, at least to me and Mr. Canacorn. The pop songs were grating. I don’t remember Veidt being gay or the “die lesbian whore” thing from the comic but that’s probably because my memory is shot. I loved the cat. I loved the B-17 in the opening credits. Not sure why Warhol was in there. It could’ve used a giant walrus in the end but that’s probably because I just watched GORATH ( Toho joke for you Toho freaks). Not sure why Robin was a girl…oh sorry, I confused 80’s overhyped comics again. I kept thinking that Dan looked like Chevy Chase. JEH was great.


  1. We found the Watchmen squid hidden in the movie!

    It is really in there, just very subliminal:

    Good times.

  2. Thanks man. I heard that was in there somewhere.

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