0318091dog1Read the story here

I gotta say I was surprised it wasn’t a pit bull.



  1. I can see the personal ad now:

    “SWF seeks SWM. Must love dogs and children.”

  2. Ha ha ha…nice one, TK!

    Oh, TK, you watch THE ROOM yet? I’m thinking we need to do a THE ROOM week! What says you, Bwana?

  3. JUST placed my order for THE ROOM–thank you for the reminder! If THE ROOM week comes to fruition, I am *so* on board. Can’t wait to see this gem!

  4. My wife thinks she looks like she’s been kicked in the head by a horse which works on several levels.

  5. I’d watch both of her vids…she’s got a look about her that reminds of girls I was too scared to ask out in high school. I’m gonna’ go on record here and say she’s the hottest (almost) dog fucker I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  6. Crazy eyes. And pretty much looks like every girl I went out with in high school.

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