Werewolf of the Day



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I gotta say I was surprised it wasn’t a pit bull.

Horrible Childhood Memories-Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

Seems everyone that sat through this nightmare as a child is similarly scarred. I think I stumbled around Woolco on the West Bank Expressway  for about an hour after seeing this

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WONDER WOMAN naked and Blu


I watched the new WONDER WOMAN animated flick on blu ray. I’ve always thought Wonder Woman would be tough to write but fun to draw.  Anyway, I enjoyed the flick. They do a great job of knocking out the origin of Themyscira and our beloved Diana as well as setting up Ares and Hippolyta’s long standing feud before the credits. I loved the battle scenes, they combine what I would want in a cross between the greatest peplum ever mixed with the coolest Harryhausen epic never made. The Steve Trevor bits don’t work as well for me but I suppose they have their place in the Wonder Woman mythos. The voice acting is great all the way through: Keri Russell as Diana, Nathan Fillion as Trevor, Alfred Molina as Ares and so on. Anytime I see the brilliant Andrea Romano is involved I know the acting will be great. I thought they did a great job explaining the stars and stripes of her costume which has always been a tricky thing. Hades was awesome, best fat god on a couch I’ve seen in a while. The big battle at the end was great and about as far as you could go without an R-Rating. Very brutal and anything with a cyclops is welcome. I think the approach they took could work in a live action feature. Just do the opposite of everything they did in SUPERMAN RETURNS. And for fuck’s sake get Megan Fox already. If you bastards cast Beyonce, I’ll reach down your throat and pull out your endocrine system. I’d like to take this time to thank Lynda Carter for being wonderful.

WW Blu -wb - color

Watchmen capsule review



I liked it.  The ending in the comic and the film are both weak but I would’ve much rather seen the comic ending with the monster. I’m not sure why they were so meticulous about detail and obviously concerned about alienating the core audience on the one hand yet decided to scrap the original ending. The violence was fun, at least to me and Mr. Canacorn. The pop songs were grating. I don’t remember Veidt being gay or the “die lesbian whore” thing from the comic but that’s probably because my memory is shot. I loved the cat. I loved the B-17 in the opening credits. Not sure why Warhol was in there. It could’ve used a giant walrus in the end but that’s probably because I just watched GORATH ( Toho joke for you Toho freaks). Not sure why Robin was a girl…oh sorry, I confused 80’s overhyped comics again. I kept thinking that Dan looked like Chevy Chase. JEH was great.