“Why is Yor different than other men?” – Kalla from YOR

Because he’s Yor baby, all Yor all the time. But he’s not really from the future and Yor’s not his real name but still. Director Antonio Margheriti delivers again. Not only that but he did two other movies in 1983 besides Yor. Lets see Guillermo del Toro do that! It would take him a year to do one clockwork credit sequence.

Yor (Reb Brown from tv’s CAPTAIN AMERICA) is a blond wig wearing cave man type with a stone axe. Not unlike a more feminine KAMANDI. He wanders around helping out chicks in trouble, killing dinosaurs and fighting bad guys. Sometimes he prances around while a synth plays his theme music, “Yor’s World”.


So Yor wants to know where Yor comes from and what the hell is the deal with his medallion.  For most of the movie it plays like a ONE MILLION B.C. Raquel Welch flick. but eventually in a shocking twist it gets a little futuristic. Especially if you consider the future to look like the insides of a 1980’s power plant. Yeah, the dinosaurs are from the old Italian peplum school but their scenes are mounted with gusto. The whole flick is so anti-pretentious it’s refreshing.

yor_frazettaIt really reminded me of the Saturday matinees of  yesteryear where you could catch a Steve Reeves Hercules flick on the  tube and be happy about it. Yor himself is such a good guy that other dudes offer him their women willingly and with a smile. There’s no nudity but Yor gets the ladies. 


Did I mention that he uses a dead bat monster as a hang glider? 

So I loved YOR. For some reason, it’s not readily available in the US but it’s out there. The whole thing is on youtube but I can’t recommend watching a movie on youtube. It’s just seems hind tit. I got mine off of TCM.


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