I like old serial for many reasons: they’re cheap entertainment, not boring and are similar to Golden Age comics in a lot of ways. They’re also great to watch over a couple of weeks with twelve to fifteen chapters at about fifteen minutes each. The past couple of weeks I’ve been watching THE MONSTER AND THE APE and the awesomely titled THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES.


THE MONSTER AND THE APE is all about the search for the element metallogen which is used to power the Metallogen man robot. The ape is used by the treacherous villain Ernst nuch like Murdock on THE A-TEAM in that they free him from the zoo to do heavy lifting or boulder throwing. So, not exactly like Murdock but still. There’s a black chauffeur named Flash who calls the robot a “rabbit”. It’s pretty entertaining and goofy. The ape is remarkably well behaved and good natured.


THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES has an alien invader, who takes over bodies, hooking up with some gangsters to plot an invasion. It’s b & w obviously but I’m gonna assume he’s purple. He looks like a dude in a tunic. There’s some death rays and a lot of fisticuffs. The title reminds me of Ron Jeremy for some reason.


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