I’ve never seen a Guy Ritchie movie but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he sucks. He’s the guy that willingly married Madonna and made a movie with her…it…whatever.  So he made a Sherlock Holmes movie with Downey Jr. Fuck, I’m already tired of this guy’s comeback. Anyway, I hate judging based on the trailer but that’s what they’re for. So I saw the trailer and it looks like this:


Basically, it seems to be a LETHAL WEAPON Holmes movie with Downey Jr. doing a horrible accent and being an idiot. Please someone give Downey Jr. an eight-ball so he can go back to wanting to taste gun metal. Why didn’t they just get Hugh Laurie and Eddie Izzard?




  1. Hell yes!
    I love Sherlock Holmes and I’ve read all the Doyle stories as well as more pastiche tales and “alternative reality” Holmses than you can imagine…
    I love the Jeremy Brett Holmes (in his prime) and think that the finest dramatization ever is the BBC radio series that adapted, with considerable faithfulness, all of the original stories.
    But… Hell, yes! I’ll watch this.

    • I probably will despite being sick to death of Downey Jr. But it does look like it could be WILD,WILD WEST crappy.

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