Jennifer’s Body

So I saw a trailer for JENNIFER’S BODY, a film “from the mind of Diablo Cody”. So right from jump street we know we are in shit hipsterburg. Wait, I’m gonna go watch it again and replenish my hatred…OK I’m back. God, it’s awful. Hipster ironic one liners over retro hipster soundtrack with wacky comedy horror moments. Can somebody just make a straight horror movie for adults. Does everything have to be geared towards dweeby man-boys? Jesus Fucking Christ, I saw about two minutes of JUNO and wanted to strangle everyone in it and now Diablo whatever the fuck her real name is has written a horror movie. You see people,  this is what happens when the country doesn’t  have a draft and kids grow up watching Beverly Hills 90210. “Oh wait, she worked as a stripper and now has the insight to write precocious teen dialog that’s smart, snappy and socially relevant. In the words of R. J.  MacCready, “fuck you too”.