Gorillanaut TV reviews

I decided that summer was a good time to dig into the TV library and pluck something out to review. Today it’s THE WILD, WILD WEST episode “The Night the Dragon Screamed” from the Season One dvd set.  It’s a fairly solid episode concerning warring Opium gangs and a treacherous British officer trying to seize  control. In a lot of ways it seemed to be the template for BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA.  Besides the two Chinese gangs, there’s also a kidnapped princess and a  restaurant/opium den filled with hidden chambers littered with collapsing floors and pits of spikes. There’s even an old Tong leader in a wheelchair and Jim and Arte are imprisoned in a variation of  “the hell of being boiled alive”.  My favorite part has Arte’s less than convincing make up as a Chinese  munitions expert. Jim has a kung fu style with a room full of guards and Arte is caught in an arcane torture device. Good stuff.






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