Last Night’s Viewing: A FACE IN THE FOG 7/28/09


Well, not so much on TV as on dvd. But anyway, I busted out Treeline Films 100 CARTOON CLASSICS. First up FELIX THE CAT in APRIL MAZE. The thing for me about these old b & W cartoons is that they are often just plain weird as well as nightmarish. Poor Felix attempts a picnic of sort that goes poorly. 




Things keep going south when a walking tree, a snake and a rabbit conspire against poor Felix. Eventually a stork shows up with more kittens for no reason.


Next was the remarkably incorrect UNCLE TOM’S CABANA with UNCLE TOM AND LITTLE EVA, who apparently is a hippo. Look I didn’t make this cartoon so keep Big Al Sharpton away from me. But as a historical curiousity it’s something. Not sure Treeline knows what’s on its set. Not sure of the plot but there is some watermelon, cotton picking, slave auction and comedy.








Next it was time to finish the DICK TRACY serial with Chapter 15, BROTHERS UNITED. Dick has been captured by “THE LAME ONE” and is given to the hunchback scientist MOLOCH for a brain experiment. Dick’s brother GORDON has already been operated on and has been an evil pawn of The Lame One” for most of the serial. Gordon snaps out of it long enough to die and redeem himself. This serial was a lot better than I thought it would be with airships, a flying wing,  boat chases, a sonic weapon used on the Golden Gate Bridge and bizarre surgery. Evil Gordon has a white streak in his hair like Bogart in THE RETURN OF DOCTOR X.




Next the 1935 THREE STOOGES short HORSES’ COLLARS. The boys head out west to solve one of those missing will/deed/IOU things for some dame with hilarious results. From Vol I of the newly re-mastered THREE STOOGES COLLECTION. Turns out, Curly has psychotic fits when he sees a mouse and cheese is the antidote. 



Finally, the poverty row feature  A FACE IN THE FOG.  I got this from Sinister Cinema at some point although I don’t remember why. The disc starts off with the trialer for the vastly superior poverty row chiller STRANGLER IN THE SWAMP, a creepy atmospheric ghost story worth seeking out.  A FACE IN THE FOG features a series of poisoning murders around a playhouse. The killer is nicknamed the Fiend and is allegedly a hunchback. It’s nearly incoherent but okay enough if you like this kind of thing.



I'd add whiners to the list too.

I'd add whiners to the list too.







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