It’s that time again, SHARK WEEK! Not to be confused with SHARK TRAGER WEEK.  So over on Discovery we get a bunch of shark shows, which is cool, but if you’re anything like me you probably think society has slid far enough down the drain to where we can get what we all want- A live human fed to a GREAT WHITE! I bet you could even get some idiot to volunteer. Hell, remember that guy in Germany that willingly let that other German eat his cock. Yeah, I now they’re German but still. Anyway how about some rapists, murderers and the always unpopular child molesters.There’s plenty of those guys around. I bet we could get Jessica Alba and that cheerleader chick from Heroes to co-host with Tom Bergeron. But until then, a quick look at the 1971 documentary that kicked off  Sharkamania- BLUE WATER, WHITE  DEATH.


At the time  BLUE WATER, WHITE DEATH came off as a horror movie with it’s awesome title and grisly ad campaign. I can remember as a kid seeing the TV spots and being amazed. The documentary itself couldn’t live up to all the fevered imaginings I had going in but in the pre-cable days where you can see sharks everywhere , it was very cool. It seemed at the time to fit naturally next to documentaries like THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS and the quasi-documentary THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK  , all part of the bizarre seventies landscape. 


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