If you need to make a cartoon based on a man eating fish and to capitalize on the success of a blockbuster movie where a giant shark eats a little boy (R.I.P. Alex Kintner) then what you do is make the shark sound like Curly.



A lot has been written about GREAT WHITE but I was also gonna take a look at CRUEL JAWS so a glance at GREAT WHITE seemed appropriate. I saw it in the week it was released and then again on vhs in the early nineties. About five or six years back I finally got a decent enough copy off Japanese laser disc.  It’s still one of my favorite JAWS ripoffs just because it’s such a great example of the Italian rip off. At this point my favorite character has to be Wells, the shady politican, who just can’t hang on to the helicopter and has a wonderful mustache. Don’t all these Italian villains seem to have weak tit sons who try to man up for their dads? The Vic Morrow character is mostly fascinating for his bizarre accent choice which seems to start vaguely Greco-Russian before settling into a meandering Scottish impersonation. I love the fact that they really got their money’s worth out of that shark head. I’m still not sure what Franciscus’ Peter Benton novelist character is or does or why he’s so important to the regatta. Does anybody know what the hell is up with the Bob Dylan impersonator at the beach? I would like to see director Enzo Castellari explain in broken English the shark sealing the cave shut with boulders. The flick needed some nudity, well a lot of nudity.  Still, it’s pretty fun and seems to be the result of some Italians having a rough idea of JAWS and just winging it.