Here’s one that had a lot going for it: Jeffrey Combs, William Forsythe, an assload of Russians, cool sets and a nice retro-shark man design and yet it didn’t come together. I gotta blame the script. There’s so many missed opportunities and it’s a shame. It really could’ve been a great nostalgic drive in movie along the lines of  THE MAD DOCTOR BLOOD ISLAND. A scientist (Combs) goes batshit trying to cure his son’s cancer but instead turns him into a hammerhead man that he then tries to mate with human women. How awesome is that? But the execution just doesn’t grab it by the balls and squeeze. We never get much more than quick glances at Sharkman and a lot of time is spent with the apparently endless supply of henchmen running around the island. There’s even a clumsy bit with a carnivorous plant that fails as well as numerous chances for nudity that are dropped. It really seems pre-edited for the Scifi channel despite some blood here and there. The mating of woman and Sharkman just is lame when it could’ve been gloriously perverse. Hunter Tylo plays the chick and despite having spent money on tits doesn’t seem to feel she’s obligated to whip them out. She doesn’t even wear a bikini which would seem to be required for this kind of picture. When it comes time for here to mate with the Sharkman, she’s wearing what looks to be jockey shorts and a bra. How is that helpful?


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