BLOATED MOMENTS with Quentin Tarantino

So I was on vacation and decided for some unknown reason to pick up a N.Y. Times which had a Tarantino piece about INGLORIOUS BASTERDS,  where he described the difficulty he had casting the role of Hans Landa. He auditioned numerous actors but they “didn’t get my poetry. I literally had to consider I might have written an unplayable part.”

Wow. I really have nothing against the guy but jeez. Surely he realizes what a fop he sounds like. I just wish the guy would quit telling everyone how clever and awesome he is. This is as douchey as when he sent the screenplay of DEATHPROOF to Bob Dylan because of the “poetry of his dialog”. Enough with the poetry. Now he’s up there with Jim Morrison as far as being a bloated clown declaring himself a poet. You think Sam Fuller or Budd Boetticher went on and on yammering about “their poetry”? Reminds of some high school Sad Sack with a composition book filled with their crappy poems where they feel sorry for themselves because everyone is so mean. I bet John Ford or John Huston didn’t go on about poetry and unplayable parts.


  1. I thought this movie was a remake, so what in the fuck is he talking about?

    I fucking hate QT. I see him at Bob’s Big Boy and he’s a complete ass – constantly talking about comic books. He totally ruined “Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession” for me too.

    • “I fucking hate QT”

      Thank you for saying what needed to be said!

  2. His best work was with Roger Avary. Nothing since PULP FICTION has struck me as being exceptional in any way.

  3. Well, don’t tell Canacorn. He slaps QT on and wears him all day. It’s only the title he’s remaking. But I don’t know why.

  4. Well I don’t hate him or his movies. I thought Deathproof was a let down but I was expecting a more 70’s exploiatation flick. Something cheap and dirty. It turned out to be a fairly safe picture. He’s certainly ahead of others from the 90’s such as Kevin Smith. But he does tend to sound like an ass and he has been on The View, so there you go.

    • I had similar feelings with my DEATH PROOF experience. Such a total self-serving waste and so not keeping with the spirit of that GRINDHOUSE project. And that Dylan story…his assholism just increased tenfold.

  5. Have you ever seen “Massacre Mafia Style”?

    It’s so obvious that QT ripped it off for “Pulp Fiction”.

    • Well it’s easy when other, better directors do your job for you.

      • I’d have problems too if I had to go through life with the name “Quentin”.

  6. No, I haven’t seen Massacre Mafia Style but might someday. I’m pretty burnt on Mafia anything though. I like a good Tarzan picture or maybe something with Gamera in it.

    • Way to get those hits on a non porn post…

      So, did you hear QT is remaking Gamera vs. Guiron? I can’t wait to see what he does with his amazing ear for dialog!

  7. He’s weird and his movies are needlessly violent.

    I can’t stand all the gore in today’s films.

    Whatever happened to leaving things to people’s imagination?

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