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Taylor Swift is built like Pumpkinhead

I had never really looked at Taylor Swift until I saw her on SNL where I thought she had the body of Pumpkinhead. That was the first time I heard her horribly average music as well. It sounded like it was made because some guy decided Shania Twain was too edgy. Somehow it fits in perfectly with the state of the nation. Home schooled, bland and Christian.

Shit that shouldn’t be

When I saw AVATAR they ran a fifteen minute preview about the making of this turd before the trailers. That poster makes me wanna punch her in the face. This chick gets a lotta love from the various geeks, fanboys and whatever the other basement dwellers are called ( the leia slave girl costume syndrome) but she’s pretty tired at this point. She’s cutesy but limited. Real limited. She should be on some CBS sitcom, any of those cute fests on Monday night.
What an awesomely shitty cast. Wait I didn’t see Anne Hathaway. Okay, she’s hot. Aren’t the rest of these people form Grey’s Anatomy? Why wasn’t this aborted with a coat hanger behind Wal-Mart?

Who keeps making these? Is it Disney? They need to stop. They’re like a guy who doesn’t wash his hands after taking a shit. Why don’t they put this guy in a grown up movie? Something with action.

It’s time for people to accept facts. Facts like Sarah Palin is stupid and Kevin Smith is terrible. “Rock out with your Glock Out”. It looks like one of those fake movies that Tracy from 30 ROCK has on his dressing room wall. Surely Willis should be doing movies with a heroic dog or somebody kidnapped my daughter or both.

And throw in that Amy Adams as the new Rene Zellweger  wacky trip through Ireland thing.


Edgar Wallace music

The Coop

Ebay stuff-cheap!

I got tired of waiting for the current JL to get good again.


Something you don’t see everyday


I can’t seem to find a copy of this one. I just watched the in name only sequel SON OF INGAGI and that was something different but the original seems insane with it’s hint of forbidden gorilla love.