I haven’t seen this since it came out in1976 but I recorded it off of MGM HD last night.


I think I first became a Spectre fan with the awesome run by Michael Fleisher and Jim Aparo in ADVENTURE COMICS. Before that I think I had seen a few appearances here and there in the Justice League but much preferred him turning people into glass and breaking them or having them eaten by a giant squid magically transformed from a sub. Basically all the grisly stuff he did that seemed to bother people in the letters page. It was a fairly short run but perfect for it’s time with its mix of revenge and horror. So I was happy that for the short included as an extra on the new feature JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS that they basically took the Fleisher approach and even set it in what appears to be the early seventies time period.

Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) writes the script and basically plays Jim Corrigan as Eastwood’s Dirty Harry. The short unfolds as a worn print of a 70’s flick with the film aging that was employed less successfully in the misguided GRINDHOUSE. Gary Cole provides the voice in a Hollywood murder plot where a fat cat producer is killed.  The score is pure Lalo Shicfrin circa DIRTY HARRY. It’s short but sweet and features Fleisher era vengeance.