MORGUS  THE  MAGNIFICENT was one of the golden age horror hosts who continued through the eighties. He was definitely a cut above most and was the first to have his own movie, THE WACKY WORLD OF DR.MORGUS Currently his shows from the eighties are being shown in New Orleans where the Fook has been kind enough to record them for me.  Like many of you, I find George Zucco to be enchanting so it’s no wonder I love him in THE MAD MONSTER. I actually remember seeing this as a kid and being pretty scared. I think it was Zucco imagining the scene where he berates his colleagues, the somewhat creepy swamp and Glenn Strange’s bizarrro Lenny the retard/hillbilly wolfman that did it.

The Morgus segment is about his attempts to sell his various inventions to the CIA. It seem to be one of his reworked segments from the sixties, possibly from the height of the spy craze on TV with shows like THE MAN FROM UNCLE and so on. There’s a German spy that is reduced to sand in the Instant People machine that was featured in THE WACKY WORLD, an invisibility gag and an imposter CHOPSLEY. Not his best episode but even so, pretty cool.