Gorillanaut TV: I SPY

I have the haziest memories of I SPY as a kid but I always associated it with cool. I probably got that idea from my older brothers who were in their late teens in the mid-60’s and from my father who was essentially Nick Fury without the eye patch. I love the 60’s spy craze stuff and the period up until the dirty hippies ruined it.  But enough about me, this ain’t no therapy session. 

So Robert Culp and Bill Cosby really play well off of one another, it’s just so effortlessly cool. The episode I watched was “So Long, Patrick Henry” with Ivan Dixon playing an Olympian who defected to Red China. Can we still say “Red China” or is that against the rules? Sometimes I forget how big a pussy I’m supposed to pretend to be so I don’t hurt some cocksucker’s feelings. Anyway, Scott and Robinson are sent to talk him into coming back or kill him.  Scott’s all for killing him. Together they shoot four or five Red Chinese which was slightly surprising and quite frankly, refreshing. The Reds inject Dixon’s Mr. Brown with typhoid in order to stop the defection. The episode was written by Culp and is really quite sharp and lean. I liked that these guys had a sense of professional weariness and a no bullshit approach. James (Lo Pan ) Hong has a bit part. Indeed!