Oh man. I went to great lengths to see SUSPIRIA in the old days before it was available on vhs. A long time ago. For whatever reason I keep watching this guy’s flicks despite being awful. I cringe slightly when I see his name and “Master of Horror” tagged to it. But I actually liked Jenifer so that’s something I suppose. He has got  by being the darling of the 80’s horror nerds for so long now and it just seems like such an “emperor wears no clothes” existence. Still, I doubt GIALLO could be the turd that MOTHER OF TEARS was. At least it doesn’t have Asia in it. My favorite comment about MOTHER OF TEARS came from Kim Newman. As the final part of the much heralded 3 Mothers trilogy,  he compared it to Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS but said it was if Jackson followed THE TWO TOWERS with HAWK THE SLAYER. 


Still, I am a fan. A very cautious fan. I think I have 4 or 5 different versions of FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET, even that German bootleg that was the best available version  a few years back. I even went to a VSDA show in the mid-80’s to get the guy to sign a bunch of stuff. I think it was around the time SUSPIRIA cane out on vhs.

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